Thai Steamed Mussels

Discover how to create sweet, sour and spicy mussels in this fragrant Thai broth

500g Mussels

1 tin Coconut Milk

14g Fresh Ginger

1/2 Scotch Bonnet

17g Green Chilli

25g Lemongrass

10g Fresh turmeric

16g Coriander stalk

10g Lime leaf

3 Carmon pods

2 tsp Cumin

.5 tsp Shrimp paste

26ml Fish sauce

50ml Veg oil

23g Garlic puree

  1. Start my making your curry paste, heat slithers of lemongrass and lime leaf in a pan with the veg oil until fragrant

  2. Add contents of the pan plus all other ingredients to a blender and mix until you have a homogeneous paste

  3. Clean the mussels from any beards and sand

  4. Add a generous spoonful of the curry paste to a large pan and sweat

  5. Once fragrant, add a tin of coconut milk and mix, creating your Thai broth

  6. Add the mussels and add the lid allowing the mussels to steam

  7. Once the mussels have fully opened serve

  8. Garnish with lime, coriander leaves and spring onion sliced on an angle

Tip: Ensure you correct your seasoning BEFORE you add the mussels. Adjusting after is awkward and you risk displacing the mussels from their shells.

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