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Discover how to make this delicious garlic sauce through emulsifying egg whites and oil

3 egg whites

Veg oil

1 tsp dijon mustard

2 large garlic cloves peeled

Lemon juice to taste

Salt to taste

  1. Blitz the garlic, egg whites and mustard till creamy. The egg whites should be whipped and the garlic pulverised

  2. With the blender on high speed slowly begin to add oil, being careful not to add too much as once. The sauce should slowly thicken. Keep adding oil until the sauce reaches your desired consistency

  3. Season with lemon juice and salt

Top tip: The whole process is about making an emulsion - mixing a fat with a liquid. Add too much fat at once and the emulsion will split and you'll be left with a watery mess.

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Discover the perfect preparation for everything from soft shell crab to aubergine tempura

1400ml sparkling water

7g Xanthum gum

10g Salt

12g MSG

200g Cornflour

125g Rice Flour

22g Tapioca Flour

  1. Blend the above ingredients with an immersion blender till smooth

  2. Fill espuma gun and use

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Discover the perfect end to end medium rare beef.. This recipe is simple. The result is stunning.

1.9kg Wing rib

Malden Salt


  1. Season your Wing Rib liberally with Malden sea salt and coarse pepper

  2. Vac pac and sous vide at 62c for 5 hours

  3. Leave your wing in the fridge to completely cool

  4. Crank your oven as high as it goes

  5. Dry your rib with more paper towels than you think you need

  6. Add rib into pipping hot oven for 15 minutes

  7. Rest

  8. Enjoy the most amazing end to end perfectly cooked beef

Tip: Buy the best possible beef you can get your hands on. Theres nothing to hide behind.

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